Saturday, September 29, 2007

the return of The Elly

Speaking about Catholicism, let me say as the father in the bible had welcomed the return of his lost son: "ahlan wa sahlan ya Ebny"..
I am sure he was speaking in Arabic(!)

The father in the bible had ordered a big feast in honour of the return of the lost son.
When I look -now- again at this story, I think the son was very daring, because he wants to take his heritage and leave the house. He wanted to try his luck in the world, far from his father.
Elly wanted time to think about a "lot of shit"; she found herself dealing with it, in spite of being fussy about other things!
The only direct way to deal with shit- ya Elly - is to throw it in its "normal" place and pull the water over it and forget about it !
You know how you feel after you do that every morning!

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