Saturday, June 23, 2007


Every time I read or see something about what is happening now in Palestine I feel depressed.
First we don't know exactly what is happening besides 'the news' we receive from BBC and CNN and Al Jazeera. I also read some Arabic news papers: Al Hayat, Al Sharq al Awsat and An Nahar. The first two are Saudi-owned and the third is Maronite! I have to be suspicious of what I see and read.
I learnt to hate Hamas when I was in Beirut (1978-1982) where the PLO was around the corner and Hamas was not there; I was told that it is Israel who created Hamas to oppose the PLO. Now I have my doubts when I see how Israel and the West and the Egyptians and the Saudis are praising Abbas! They all opposed Hamas when they won the elections. I think the common Palestinian there - in Gaza and the West bank - feels as confused as myself.
Abbas put his cards with the Western Camp, but he will go home with nothing as the loser in "The weakest Link" takes less than thirty pieces of silver. The Gaza camp facing both Israel and Egypt and soon will be starving.
The Western Camp of Abbas have food to offer, but nothing more for sure.
I do not go now to any demonstrations as I used to before. Abbas is NO GOOD and Hamas ALSO no good.
I still have my heart with the people in Gaza and the West bank... only my heart with the people in these two camps!

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