Tuesday, June 5, 2007

on Elly

Sometimes Elly disappears from my screen, because Elly is an Elly. She belong to the new tribe who appeared about forty or fifty years ago, who has these magical powers - able to appear and disappear without giving notice to any person!

some anthropological research believes that this tribe was the product of the flowers generation and the sixties generation all over the known worlds ( not one world pleas!) they have better chances than our tribe which is the product of illusions in social justice and building police states to achieve that!

So as the fabulous African writer Emos Totola wrote in his novel "The Palm Wine Drunkard" : the gentleman should not be blamed if he is attracted to the woman with two heads !
Really, now am not sure if He said that or i invented it?!
I do not blame Elly because her tribe is more magical than mine ... maybe I am just jealous!
posted by Raouf alone !

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george said...

an angel appears and disappears without giving notice to any person but makes a print
a devil may appear and disappear for a moment but makes a print
a woman appears and disappears for a while and leaves a print in our life...
which of which do you mean for a woman?? a devil or an angel??