Saturday, June 9, 2007

Islamic London

What is written about turning London into Riyadh is horrifying; not only if we believe it could happen but because of such lies (not ignorance) about the tolerance of Muslims.
Let us avoid speaking about Islam so to keep our heads on our necks (and that is one of the many consequences that would befall any person who opened his or her mouth to criticise Islam, even in a novel); let us rather speak about the tolerance of the Muslims who killed the 17 year old girl in Uzbekistan because she fell in love with another Muslim, but one from different sect.
An Egyptian blog "Manal and Alaa's bit bucket" opened a discussion on Egyptian Muslim - Christian relations (let us be more correct and say feelings); I was amazed by the amount of hostility from the majority of Muslims.
Most Orientalists confuse Islam as a religion, and as state in reality. As a religion it has noble aims (as do all religions), but as a STATE it is a catastrophe; look at the 18 year civil war in Sudan between the Muslim-nationalist state in the North against the southern people who do not speak Arabic and are not Muslims! If we need more examples, then there is Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia.
One recent story is a good example:
In Egypt, 3 weeks ago, in a small city south of Cairo, EL AYAT, Muslims burned five houses belonging to Christians because the Imam of the Mosque claimed that they were going to turn a house into a church!
Human rights organisations blamed the police and media.
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