Monday, June 11, 2007

the killing of love

هذه المقتطفات من مقال للصحفية العراقية سحر الحيدري والتي تم قتلها الأسبوع الماضي
بقيت الاقلية اليزيدية بعيدة عن المعارك الداخلية العراقية، لكن العنف مع جيرانهم المسلمين ازداد بعد مقتل الفتاة اليزيدية التي يبدو انها اعتنقت الاسلام
In response to an article in Arabic and English by the Iraqi Journalist, Sahar Al-Haideri, who was murdered last week:

I will try here to summarise the story - a real one – about a 17 year old girl called Doa’a who was stoned to death in Kurdistan, Iraq.
She was from the Yezidi sect whose followers are considered by Muslim Sunnis to be “Satan worshipers".
Doa'a converted to Islam so she could marry her sweetheart. Her family were against the relationship and her conversion, but did not intevene to stop her, while the rest of the community rejected what she was doing. She took refuge with a Yezidi cleric and her family advised her that for her own protection she should not go out in the streets.
After a while the father sent the girl's uncle to bring her home, asking him to protect her. On the way back, 13 young men - her cousins - began to beat and kick her and throw stones at her; the uncle and the father tried to save her in vain. Some police officers were standing by and did nothing. Her cruel and slow death was filmed on a mobile phone - she died after enduring two hours of stoning.
Then they dragged her body to the outskirts of the city and burned it.


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