Wednesday, June 6, 2007

On us!

Fine! So Elly has proved, beyond doubt, that she was busy visiting museums - a task which I always have to gather a lot of courage to do - while I was accusing her of disappearing!
In the meantime I was, and still am, fighting elements of nature that are trying to occupy my body and throw me off balance... literally

An infection in my ear pushed me off balance, rushing me to the doctor. Silly, yes? I was sitting in my favourite chair watching T.V when the room suddenly began to move: walls, TV, books, and I was in the middle of this whirlpool.
Once upon a time I got my first second hand car (I think I was in my fifties); I knew nothing about cars, but I learned slowly about this special car: when I heard a 'strange' sound coming from it, I should stop and get out, walk around it and wait till it passes.
But when it began to do some jumping in a busy Cairo street, I sold it, for almost nothing, because I knew it was no longer safe as a car; it should go peacefully to the place where such cars rest for good!
Now the 'strange' sounds I am listening to are coming from my body!

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