Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Why boycotting companies that support Israeli Apartheid will save you time if you're a Libran

Today's 20 minute walk to work was spent admiring my shiny pink toes - my super, high-gloss lacquered toenails. And none of the 2.49 I spent on nail polish will go towards the building of illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Hurray!

Now you might think I am congratulating myself for nothing, and I am of course; it is the good people at Innovative Minds with the support of the Islamic Human Rights Commission I must thank for this superlative shade of pink. If they had not stepped in to alert me of the nefarious business links and immoral investments of many of the high-street cosmetic companies, I might still now be in Boots on Finchley Road, agonising over the many brands vying for my meagre pennies.

I am an indecisive person who feels guilty about being indecisive. On Saturday I must move house and I still haven't decided which area of London to move to. So it was with great relief that I walked into Boots pharmacist yesterday and realised that I only had three brands to choose from: Bourgeois, No.7 and 17. All the others are forbidden to me by my wise brothers and sisters at INMINDS and IHRC:

L'Oreal - reprehensible Zionists;
Maybelline - evil imperialists;
Revlon - cruel oppressors, and so on.

This left me with a limited but ample selection of bright pinks. I chose the bright pink and was out of Boots in a record 20 minutes...

If you too are an indecisive Libran, go to to find out how few shopping choices are left to you! Believe me when I say that it is a truly liberating experience.

(I want to clarify that this post is by ELLY only, although it would be unfair to Raouf not to credit him for the very occasional but highly valuable advice he gives me on high street trends in nail polish...)


Persephone said...

Oh shit. Please don't tell me this. I looked on the site (thoroughly enjoying "Gems of the Koran") and realized that 90% of the companies that keep me from looking like a complete schlubb are listed. Sigh.

This link takes you right to the Evil Oppressor list:

Elly said...

All the shiny and glittery things are VERBOTEN you naughty NY sex-in-the-city girl! (and thanks for correct link)