Sunday, June 10, 2007

Equality for all, except if you are an Asian worker throwing a sex-party in the privacy of your own home in Doha

Lesson one in how to get deported from Dawlat Qatar
From the Gulf Times
Eight ordered deported over a ‘wild party’
EIGHT Asian expatriates - four men and four women - have been ordered to leave the country immediately after they were found guilty of organising a “wild party” on Christmas Day of 2005.
The four men included three Filipinos and a Sri Lankan while three of the women were Filipinas and the fourth a Chinese.
The court acquitted four other men, three Filipinos and an Indian, of the same charge in the case.
Acquitting them, the court said it found no evidence to prove that the accused knew what was going on at the party.
The Public Prosecution said that the 12 were arrested from an apartment in Doha on charges of “planning to have a group sex party.”
“After obtaining permission from the public prosecutor, the police raided the apartment and found three men and three women in a compromising position in one of the rooms, while the others were found waiting in the drawing room,” a source said.
The 12 were bailed out during the trial. Court sources said the convicts intended to appeal against the verdict.

A word from Nizar Sagieh, (“We Invite People to Think the Unthinkable”): some notions in the Arab legal heritage may constitute a basis for the right to privacy, such as the well-known precept "man satar 'ala muslim satar Allah 'alayhi" ("whoever keeps confidential information related to unlawful sexual acts, his/her reputation will be preserved by God").

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Persephone said...

Sounds like sour grapes to me. I think the judge was just pissed he wasn't invited.