Wednesday, October 3, 2007

el bent el Eskandraniea

Some time (years) ago I was thinking about taking some photos of Egypt and writing comments: a lot of photos and short comments.
I tried to do it myself, but it did not work. I am simply not a photographer.
Once I told Elly when she was in Egypt about my idea; at the time I was in Amsterdam and she sent me some photos she had shot, and I liked them. However, I thought that photos in black and white were more impressive, with the advance of technology they have disappeared even from Egypt!

Elly published some of her photos in Madny. They are from Alexandria, a city I like more than Cairo, because of its cosmopolitanism and the sea.
It is the city where I went after getting my freedom from the desert prison in Wahat Gargha. So you can imagine after more than two years in the desert how I felt!

This Girl from Alex I had put her yesterday in my msn photo. She is haunting me with her uncertain smile, and what she tries to hide in her eyes.

My old ideas was: "Egyptians: birth, life and death"
So! Now I have done it!!
At least part from it. A thousand miles begins with one step.

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Persephone said...

I love this photo - such a sage, grown-up little face - with a child's t-shirt.