Thursday, October 25, 2007

Feeding wild hyenas (and a spelling lesson for Raouf!)

(The 'tow'/two spelling colour codes: red is what I have added; the blue is what must be taken away)

Raouf: Man and Hyena
Fascinating! This man hugs his hyena and feeds her. We are accustomed to a sort of ‎seconded hand information on hyenas (how they are vicious!) but when I saw this photo I ‎checked the internet hooping to fiend something about this ritual habit. I did not find anything. Only ‎some photos and short videos on feeding them for the tourists' delights .‎
How little we know and how big is our ignorance about our world‎- Raouf

Persephone :
There are two men in Harar who feed the wild hyenas outside the city gates. When the hyenas emerge from the brush every night, the man calls them by name, and they approach him gingerly to snatch the donkey meat from his stick. In the darkness, only their eyes are visible – strange, otherworldly eyes that flash like fireflies. It is a mysterious and wonderful ritual, part of Harar's relationship with the hyenas that spans 500 years. Though they roam freely at night, sometimes within the city walls, the hyenas have never harmed a soul.

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