Monday, October 8, 2007

internet hunting

The Elly is getting wild!waoo
She is not anymore "Elly" she became in a rare of metamorphism: The Elly and I think that happened during certain time, in certain day in the way to Lisbon or out from it.
The internet dating which I red today is a great proof of my doubts!
Some time I look at "Charmed" in TV trying to follow the dark places inside my children brains. The idea impresses me, how it is so easy, that a person can pass certain transformation from a "normal" human being to something different, scary and harmful.
That if we can be safe saying "normal" human being.
So , the Elly hates and despise men, but she would not leave them in their situation what ever it is, but chasing them through the internet to have her revenge from them , reduce, and laughing at them.
To my knowledge from certain films that a woman who had been raped is getting hare revenge from the rapist and men who had fallen in her hand by humiliating or killing them . For me that is fair enough.
But the elly as it seems decided that all the misfortunate "affairs" are the result of encounter those "bad" men.
I wonder: are there special places where "bad" men and women gather so could be avoided? 9 of course beside garbage cans where certain cats (and people) like to collect their food and "lovers" from there!
I know it is tiring debate who is bad and how much a person could be as bad as a rapist, Aim not going to be part of it , because of my basic believes in life that" we" are the creators of our happiness or misery , not the others ,but through them.
Elly, before her new "changes" was such a sweet sensitive pretty woman who was looking for things she knows from her experience are not exist in mass production such as love!
Alternatively, I was having my own dreaming about her. My be she is a Dracula in hidden?

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