Sunday, October 7, 2007

Shock and awe, part 1

I can't stop insulting men.
Nice men - I am sure they are nice men, but I hate them and I haven't even met them.
I joined an Internet dating site to be adored and to abuse, I now realise, and that makes me a little worried. Persephone calls it my shock and awe tactic or hook 'em and sink 'em.
I have begun correspondence with complete strangers by ripping their profiles to shreds, and continued in a mocking, if flirtatious tone.
That is except for Stefano, the Italian whose utter sincerity and modesty in his profile made me take him for a sweet, vulnerable child in need of gentle encouragement and nurturing - so to him only have I been kind and patient.
I am an odd sort of Internet dater. I want but I don't want. I am femme fatale or mother, bitch or older sister. Who would want such a crazy creature?

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