Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Elly

To Elly ‎
wish you more IN :‎
‎- practical steps towards interesting creative work‎
‎-deep analysis of what is happening around you ‎
‎-peace with others, accepting them as they are or ‎abounding them completely
‎-more chances in coping with your emotional needs ‎
‎ Wish you less IN : ‎
‎-rushing to judgment ‎
‎- changing moods ‎
‎- interest in useless assholes‎
I am writing this because she - in her Elly ways- surprised me by announcing her birthday after it passed!
‎ So on this rare occasion, when The Elly becomes An ‎Elly in one of her many Ellys waiting for her coming birthdays weeks (we ‎are not interested in the past) ‎
Raouf ‎
‎ About this photo: it is from Persephone's collection from her ‎visit to Ethiopia. She was generous enough to allow me ‎some comments on them. Some of them, like ‎
her comment on this one catches the eye "The Archangel ‎Mikael fought a tremendous battle against a lioness. Finally, he hurled her against ‎this rock - the impact created this impression. The legend is undoubtedly more ‎interesting than the truth.‎ I think this comment is very human in dealing with fantasies... I titled it ‎‎"separate reality" It is a title of a book by Carlos Castaneda; ‎reading him affected my life in a better way .‎


Persephone said...

Elly - perhaps we are fierce lionnesses - frozen and trapped, growling from frustration and the inability to move forward?

Persephone said...

And perhaps I am a person who can't spell "lioness."