Saturday, May 26, 2007

Another kind of community

Reading The Sexual Life of Catherine M.
Not only do I feel left out, I wonder what strange courage it takes to say proudly: "I was completely available: at all times and in all places." and not concern oneself with the frightened men and women (like oneself) who whisper 'Sharmouta' or 'whore'. Raouf tells me he found the book boring and faked. It is true that it's repetitive - for the most part the book reads a bit like this: "I was fucked by 30 men; 30 men queued up and took it in turn to fuck me; I was fucked." I do wonder why Catherine M. insists on being so sexually passive - I haven't yet come across the words, "then I fucked him". Decide for yourselves; here's an excerpt:

"There are two ways of envisaging a multitude, either as a crowd in which individual identities become confused, or as a chain where conversely what distinguishes them from each other is also what links them together, as one ally compensates for another's weakness, as a son resembles his father even though he rebels. The very first men I knew immediately made me an emissary of a network in which I couldn't hope to know all the members, the unwitting link in a family joined as in the bible.

"I have already let it be understood that I was reticent in social relationships and I saw the sexual act as a refuge into which I willingly abandoned myself as a way of avoiding looks that embarrassed me and conversations for which I was ill-prepared. There was, therefore, no question of my taking any initiative. I never flirted or tried to pull. On the other hand, I was completely available: at all times and in all places, without hesitation or regret, by every one of my bodily orifices and with a totally clear conscience."

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