Monday, May 28, 2007

The war against Hezbollah

During the recent Israeli invasion of Lebanon I wrote a "message" to Hezbollah ( ) asking it to open its membership to Sunnis and Christians so that it becomes an "Arab party".

The message gained enormous support in many Arab blogs all over the Arabic world under the title "A Christian seeks membership in Hezbollah". Some of my leftist friends criticised me, however, for supporting an "Islamic movement", but I tried to explain to them that Hassan Nasrallah is a different and a novel player in the muddy sea of Arab politics. And I am still backing him and the party in spite of my Marxist and Christian background .

Lately I was busy with my book Ithaca and the reactions it is creating amongst Arab readers, so I was not fully aware of the great American-Saudi-Egyptian plan to "fight the Shi'a" in Iran and Lebanon till Elly posted on "madny " the CNN interviews with Seymour Hersh who is highly regarded journalist/writer on the middle east.

It is very scary to listen to what he is saying

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