Monday, May 21, 2007

To Abdel Monem the Blogger

I do not like to call people who are not very close to me “dear”
I am stingy with my emotions
I will call you just Blogger
That is why they put you in prison
Because you are a Blogger
Prison is a cruel human invention: humans invented it to humiliate other human beings
I will not repeat to you all this nonsense about prison being for “men’; when you are in prison you are a hostage
That is the reason why they put you inside
But you are freer than those who put you in the cell
Because you have your freedom.
They have only their fear
You have people who do not know you, demonstrating and asking for your freedom
In addition, you have people who wait hours at the prison gates to deliver you clean underwear, a box of cigarettes and a kiss
Between my prison experience and yours there are about 40 years
In the end nothing changed
Because we remain alive and productive and they disappeared
We are all over the place and nobody remembers them
Because prison is against God who created people to be free and gave them a brain to think and a tongue to express what they think
That is your fate and that is our fate
We will be always be around
They will be forgotten

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