Saturday, May 26, 2007

A word on 'conspiracy theories' (see Welch Club post below)

The Arabs are not alone in believing the conspiracy theory whereby the American and Israeli secret service are doing a repeat of Lawrence of Arabia. Most of the "leftist" thinkers in the West join them in this theory.

Since the invention of Mujaheddin in Afghanistan to overthrow the pro-Soviet government, this theory is gaining supporters. Then there was the overthrow of the Shah of Iran by the opposition which included Shi'a clerics, Communists and socialists and had a great effect in destroying such a theory; especially when the Ayatollahs turned against their former allies and took over the country. There is some truth in the 'creation of Bin Laden by the CIA' and some truth in the encouragement of Saddam Hussein to invade Iran, as well as some truth in the US encouraging Israel to invade Lebanon so many times. But this is not the whole truth.

The overwhelming tendency towards Islam in the majority of Muslims around the world as a "reference" is something the Western thinkers would like to play down - belittling its effect on hundreds of millions of Muslims who are suffering poverty and injustice from their ruling systems even if those systems claim to rule by Shari'a.

Look at the Muslims in the West as a counter example of the theory: what happened in England amongst the second generation of good Pakistani emigrants, and the increasing hate and discontent of most of the middle class emigrants towards the social-political systems in their second homeland.

Yes .. the CIA can recruit some "leaders" or Hezbollah or Hamas, but who can convince a person to put bombs around his body to kill others including himself? Not by giving him or her a handful of dollars alone!

There must be more to it!

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