Sunday, July 22, 2007

Elly's mood

for some reasons Elly is not” in the mood " of writing lately . I think she is in bad mood ! OK that is her right .
But why she wants us ( readers and friends ) to be depressed and read every day about cases in Iran . Egypt . Gaza.. and so on .. I read them in the morning in my room in Amsterdam after a usual restless night .. the days are not better : rains and silly weather ( I have no other word ) .. and we are in summer .. I have a small garden was hoping to spend some time in it ..
So I took my tea drink my coffee . looking at the silly weather from behind my window , can not use my garden , set in front of my computer hoping .. Hoping there would be something to cheer me up .. and here is elly making the last touches of completing the depressed day which is just begins ..
Worlds problems? yes we should follow and say our opinion and support human rights cases ..but what about our problems ? our personal problems which we hide under thick foundations of being interest in “world’s problems ?“
writing does need mood .. it needs courage!.. raouf


Persephone said...

Yes, the tattoo article Elly posted nearly did me in. Come on, Elly, if you can't say anything nice...:)

But really. Like Raouf, I am restless and wanting a lovely diversion. And I seem to have picked up the plague in Ethiopia, which has made me extremely cranky, since we are having good weather here for a change.

Raouf, maybe if we beat up on Elly, she'll post some beautiful photographs, at least? And maybe you can tell us some more stories about your romantic life - I like those.

Sometimes Raouf, sometimes Elly. Who knows said...

i agree with what you said specially about beating , but do you think it would have any effect on her ( ELLY ) ? tell more about el habasha .. i was there when asshole mangesto hellmaryam was there .. i wrote some stories " Black Karl Marks " the crook was killing the communists claming he wants to gave a clean commonest star .. in the end he fled with the help of CIA