Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Working for free after turning 70!!

I got an interesting mail from a TV station, and I answered them and they responded...

CZECH TV: Thursday 2 or Friday 3/08

Dear Mr Moussad,

For CZECH Television I'm preparing a news reportage on the increased violence against homosexuals in some Amsterdam area's. As I read that you are an expert on the gay issues and an authority on the Amsterdam Arab gay scene, I was wandering if you would be available for an interview on this subject. Our journalist Barbora Samalova will be in Amsterdam on Thursday August 2 or on Friday August 3. The Interview would take about 20 minutes.

If you would need any more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Many thanks in advance,
Best regards,

Débora Votquenne
TV-News Research & Production

Headline News Facilities
Av. du Diamant 95
BE-1030 Brussels
tel: +32 2 732 41 40
fax: +32 2 732 46 03

Dear Debora
Thanks for your message and your proposal for me to speak on CZECH TV
I would like to explain 2 things here:
1) I am not THAT much of an EXPERT on gays issues and/or the Arab gays in Amsterdam. I am a writer and am interested in "marginal" groups in society. I volunteered to work in the Arab gay organization in Amsterdam helping in the cultural program. I wrote a novel in Arabic last year about the "Queen Boat people" in Egypt - the incident that attracted international support for Egyptian Gays.

2)I take a standard fee for my interviews on TV

You can look at: Ra'ouf Mus'ad - Wikipedia,
and http://madny.blogspot.com
phone 0031-0618172072

See youraouf
- -
Dear Raouf,

Many thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately, we are not allowed to pay for interviews.

Best Regards,

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smElly said...

I love this post, Raouf. Look, we're just writing to each other on this blog! And perhaps some readers wonder if the old man and the silly woman are the same person. The question would then be, do 'we' have a beard?