Thursday, July 5, 2007

Joke of the day II

An Eagle and a Donkey were on an aeroplane. The eagle was enjoying pressing the button to call the hostess. She asked him, "Yes sir Eagle what can I do for you?"
The eagle answered, "nothing, I was just fucking around."
He had done this many times.
The donkey liked the game so he decided to play it too. He pressed the button, she came ans asked, "yes sir Donkey what can I do for you?"
"Just fucking around", he replied.
The Eagle and donkey were really enjoying their time, but not the hostess who went to complain to the pilot. The pilot told her, "If they repeat this silly joke again throw them from the plane."
So, when they called her again she opened the door and threw them out...
The eagle stretched his wings and was soon flying safely in the open skies
But the donkey was crying in panic, "I am falling and will die"
The eagle told him "if you do not know how to fly, why were you were fucking around?"
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