Sunday, July 22, 2007

Yes, Raouf

I have seen no one this weekend; there is actually no one I want to see. Not my family who may love me, but will not even try and behave, and too often talk to me like I'm an idiot. Not my male friends who I can hardly stand any more - so much do they suck my energy and moan or tell me they care about me, when I hardly believe so much bullshit from such limp penises. Not my female friends who are mostly too far, in another country or who hardly make the effort to come to my part of London. It is always me who takes bus after bus and this weekend I am nothing but tired. I fell asleep reading on my bed on Saturday afternoon, although I would have preferred to have sex, if I could find a penis with a brain and a sense of responsibility, worthy of me. Look, Raouf - you have posted NOTHING in the last week, and if you want MY self-pity and anger rather than my posted news items, then you have it here. Rather ugly, don't you think?


Persephone said...

Come stay with me in New York. You need a break. We will sit outside in cafes, drink copiously in dodgy bars, and dance in my living room to good music.

Come over. I don't have any vacation days left!

Anonymous said...

New York or Paris?

Anonymous said...

funny riddle:
something black that flies and has a yellow dot??

a fly that has a golden tooth!
bisous my elly!