Friday, July 6, 2007

On men and women and a lot of misunderstanding

When I watch National Geographic films I feel always thrilled by the 'honesty' of all the living species, except for human beings who are confused in their most important activity which is their relationship with the other sex.
All the living creatures live strictly as nature has provided them with its eternal code. They function according to their 'position' in life, following - without grumbling - their 'duties'; they live and perish according to the code.
But not human beings; they have no code: they are cheaters, unfaithful, liars, vindictive and the only species who hurt and kill their own sort!
And on the issue of relations between the male and female we find that it is the most hurtful and painful issue; sometimes it leads to killing, murder and suicide!
The simple answer is: human beings do not have a code of behaviour concerning 'the other'; we have only selfish, ruthless needs and desires.
The funny thing is we never state our needs and desires openly to the concerned party or partner; rather we mask and hide them under smiles, pretending we have completely different interests.
Usually in such relations one of the partners is less wicked, less experienced, more honest, and less corrupted than the other. So this partner finds him or herself time and again being left hurt, and deserted without any logical explanation or even a reasonable lie!
Why are we doing this to each other?
It is the old primitive instinct of the hunter: moving stealthily, hidden, to get something (or somebody) in a dishonest way... the mere pleasure of getting what does not belong to you.
The invention of prostitution was - and still is – one of the rare human paradoxes; there is no hiding of intention, no masking of desires, no need to pretend; the costumer comes, takes what he wants, pays, and leaves. What a fantastic solution for all the lies and hurt. But it is MEN ONLY CLUB, created by men to behave exactly and honestly as they feel: practising fetishism, sadomasochism, and all their hidden unfulfilled fantasies; all the things they pretend they do not desire when they sit down to discuss, with their sweethearts, the future of the earth!
to be continued)

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