Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Good morning to the land of?!

I find an old photo of my father in its old brownish color... he is putting a Tarboush on his head at a slight angle to his left and in a suit difficult to say which color, but very obvious is his white (yes white!) belt over his slightly big belly

He looks clean shaven with a small moustache, black tie over a white shirt. His left hand is closed tightly (nervously?) and his right one is hidden behind him. The background is not clear but it seems to be a sort of office or a room.
He looks in his late forties: about 25 years or so before his death. Maybe I was just around.

It is difficult to describe the look on his face... He seems rather embarrassed or shy or scared or all those things together.
I do not even know the time or the land where the photo was taken, but I prefer it to be in the Sudan because there he was healthy and happy. He was not in Egypt when he resettled there.

I look at the photo and him, thinking: most probably there are places and lands where we human beings are at our best... also there must be places which reflect on us sadness and sickness and unhappiness!
So many years have passed sincean unknown photographer took this photo, but there is or are things hanged strongly over it and over him...
I think sometimes when I look at the photo, I can smell him... with his particular smell... the smell of a father!

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