Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I was laughing in my dream

Part one
The old man and ET
Story by Raouf

(It is p“To be old sometimes is not nice”. His friend was breathing into his ear sitting in an almost empty bar, having their weekly meeting in their imaginary club which they called “fucking nagging"

They are complete opposites. Both are in their late sixties: he has been married for more than twenty-five years and his friend about thirty years...
Kids and grandchildren. Both retired. One is happy... the other is not.
But they like each others company (from time to time; once a week). So suddenly he told his friend “I met a special ET“. The other looked at him without understanding, a bit worried.

- ”What ?“
- I was smiling in my dream yesterday night
- Why?
- No whys. .. I do not know. I think because some hours before I had met this ET and we were kissing like hell...
- the other kept looking at him

So he told him how he met the ET.
It was She he began his report. I was walking towards my Friday bar when this nice lady friend of mine phoned me on my mobile.

- Which one? The one who let you touch her breast from time to time?
- Yes
- Yes what ?
- Yes the one who let me touch her breast

And, he continued, we agreed to meet in the bar which she knows. She said she had a girlfriend with her and would like to bring her. So they came and we settled with our drinks. His friend began to pay more attention.

- Pretty?
- Very... in a special way
- Why special?
- I do not know... just special
- Ok, go on

The bar was crowded, the music was loud so we brought the chairs near each other to be able listen to each other. He found himself between the two women almost touching. His lady friend kissed him sensually, put her tongue in his mouth(which she likes to do with him). He responded and turned to the other woman and kissed her quickly on her lips; she responded and kissed him back.

- She did not object?
- No! She was waiting for the kiss
- I do not believe that !
- as you wish !so from time to time we all kissed ..

His lady friend whom he did not sleep with yet - but there is a vague promise of that - was encouraging him to be more daring with the other woman, whispering in his ear “do take care of her, bring her another drink“ which he obliged gladly.

- Your lady friend did not object? How old is the other one?
- In her thirties. Do not interrupt! no ! Why would she? I think she wants to share her friend with me.
- Why you think so?
- Because she left and insisted that I stayed with the other
- She was angry?
- No! I took her to the street and kissed and every thing was OK...

This was more than OK to him; he told the other woman that he would like to go out for a while to get some fresh air... asked her to come with him and she stood up quickly and they went out together.

– The moment we were out I pushed her against the wall and kissed her.
– And she?
– She kissed me with lust and great passion... we touched... I put my hand inside her clothes with great liberty and daring - a thing I did not done for a long time and she also became daring
– How ?
– You dirty old man!

And thy laughed and coughed a lot

- So why you call her ET ?

For two reasons which fit her very well. She is like ET in the old film: he came from space and made people around him happy and alive again, and also because she was as a tigress in an elegant way; so I called her elegant tigress and she likes that and wants to be that and begins calling herself when we mail: ET

- But I did not get the connection between your dream and the girl...

His friend was annoyed and added “Why do I never meet those women you always meet... Those ETs?”. He asked as he was blaming him

- Because you are always grumbling; the ETs only come to people who are happy like me

- Why you are happy? You are old and sick
- Fuck you!

They both coughed, and one only was laughing

art of "NIGHTS SITUATIONS" a work in progress by Raouf about SITUATIONS!!)

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