Monday, July 9, 2007

Joke of the day - III

Monday's joke!
Moses, Jesus and Mohammed were having a chat in Paradise while they were sipping the wine of Paradise. They were a bit bored; Moses said, "I miss walking on water like I did in the red sea... I will go and stretch my legs". He turned and went walking on the water in one of the rivers of Paradise; he walked about fifty meters and returned.
Jesus said, "I also miss walking on the water; he went and walked on the water in the same place as Moses. He walked about seventy metres then returned.
Mohammed was thinking: I'm also a prophet and the final one so why shouldn't I be able to walk on the water like those two? So he went just near the same spot and began to walk on the water. After about ten meters he was drowning; he cried, "Help!help!" So they rushed and pulled him out of the water. Moses asked Jesus, "Why didn't you tell him about the hidden stones that we walk over?"

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