Monday, July 30, 2007

To Hans from Canada who responded to my interview on Radio Netherlands on Homos

Let us deal with facts
1- I'm not Muslim so I am sure that my arguments on Islam and Islamic fundamentalists are more objective than yours.
And I have - and continue to - write about and criticize fundamentalists – not only Muslims – but Christians and Jews.
2- It is not necessary to be a fundamentalist to be a terrorist. But a terrorist could be a nationalist or in the resistance also !
3- History tells us that the first “religious terrorist" army was the crusades; the crusaders put crosses on their weapons and killed Arabs Muslims and Christians under a religious claim.
4- The spearhead of the western colonialist armies were the “missions" in Africa, Asia and Latin America
5- All religions do not accept the other religions. That is the reasons they all still exist or it would be one religion in the world!
6- Till recently - and still in some places in the West - gays are attacked no matter the colour of their skin, by groups of white youth and skinheads.
7- What do you think was - or still is - the KKK if not a group of white Christian terrorists?
8- When did the first Palestinian suicide bomber appeare? Less than 20 years ago. It means they were trying to find other ways. And I am very much against suicide bombers but also I'm very much against settlers and the killing of innocent Palestinians by Israeli soldiers
9- I am against the murder ofTheo van Gogh but am against his silly, provocative film and his partner Ayaan Hirsi Ali
So that is me and those are the facts which you are willing to ignore!

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