Saturday, July 28, 2007

Arab homos in Amsterdam

Gays in Amsterdam
Some years ago I was looking at the gay pride (not parade) in Amsterdam which takes place every year through the canals by boats .. I heard Arabic music and then saw what looked like Arabs men dancing badly.
I followed them and got their name Habibi Ana a bar for Arab homos
That is beginning of my knowing them and I go almost every week to have drink in the bar and sometimes I take my wife or my lady friends... and they have accepted me and I them. I volunteered for a year to do some cultural activities for them (without great results )
Lately there were some bad incidents against Arab gays who have been targeted by Moroccans boys; or that is what the media said
I know about that and I was worried about my own safety
Some Dutch radio contacted me asking what I think about this new phenomena... and why is it escalating now?

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