Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Aim a writer but I think Aim also dyslectic! Funny isn’t it? Sure
All my life I have problem in READING... I read very quickly.. then I get stocked because I mixed lines together or I mixed letters ..but that did not stop me reading and enjoying what I read
For a dyslectic person wanted to be a writer is something beyond normal courage and beyond "normal talent"
To gather my courage EVERY day ,to write is a challenge: having questions as :is there any person wants or needs to read what I write? is what I write going to change any thing?and so on.
Writing in Arabic is still a problem for me (less now than before) because Arabic grammar is difficult at least for me... so I invented a new way of writing to avoid falling in mistakes : using simple style mixing it with "ammiea- local speaking " and readers like it !! but still make mistakes in spilling because of my eyes problems and the dyslectic thing. Elly is not happy with my English. She is right .She has the right to protect her language from deforming it by invaders like me

In addition, I have the right to write in any way I want, correct or wrong: because the most important thing -in my opinion- is do, I succeed to reach the reader or not?she corects my posts, and i drive her crazy(her experission)
I forget to say that I used to stutter until my thirties!


Elly said...

Actually you are not such a good reader either as I didn't ask you to correct your English - as it is 'incorrectable' and beautifully idiosyncratic, but I did ask you to use spell check and stop making the same stupid mistakes over and over, like: AIM instead of I'm...:)

Persephone said...


Elly said...

I'm a hard task-master. And I'm also a terrible speller. Thank the good Lord for SPELL CHECK :)