Saturday, August 25, 2007

About Madny

About Madny
Without Elly there would be no Madny. She initiated the idea and has - and still - does the main work on it: correcting my English and guiding me to post my posts.
She gives Madny its taste and character: a mix in between many worlds, East and West. Politics and fun!
Shoukan ya Elly ya benty!


Persephone said...

Three cheers for Elly!

But Raouf, you did not mention Elly's superlative beauty and charm. You brute.

Sometimes Raouf, sometimes Elly. Who knows said...

I can't!!
she is scared from me flertting with her! i even tried to have a secret packed with her( can't reveal it ) but she chickened!
My be we work her together .You seem to be quite capable.
RaoufI (i know all about her charms)