Saturday, August 25, 2007

My black Eros

My black Eros…-1-
Some days ago, I was writing something I do not know how to call yet but "night's situations" where I begin it by "I was laughing in my dream"
My idea is to let "my characters" to share the "situations" with me …
I spoke with "ET" and she agreed to read my drafts and to suggest and advise,
I send a draft to a main character in my last novel "Ithaca" which I published in Cairo last winter she is "Ierosa" in the book… a high priestess in former life, which initiates young boys and girls to their sexual life.
She reacted in nice and delicate way as her normal habits, in trying to let others understand what is talking about.
I was looking at my unorganized papers in my unorganized desk when I find an old letter from her to me, answering a letter from me telling her how much I owe her finding a solution for Ithaca, through finding her. She wrote that she is " very glad with her new name: "BLACK IEROSA" in your book and happy that I came one of your characters, which means, that I will follow you where ever you go"
What a writer wants more from a real person, who gave him special and happy moments in life and in writing?

ET in " laughing" responds in on other way: reserved but curios!the difference between the tow is large and Important : Ierosa is an African priestess and ET is European post graduate scholar!

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