Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back to Lebanon

Monday was a day of nice surprises.
I received a call on my mobile from an unknown number. I answered. A voice far away asked if am Oustaz Raouf. I said yes... he gave his name and said he is working for El Houra TV In Lebanon. I said Ahlan Wasahlan, what can I do for you?
The TV is holding a debate on the Erotic Arabic novel and writing; would I like to participate?
I agreed willingly and in my mind it would be over the phone, but he told me "no! We would like you to come to Beirut" I became suspicious, "Are you going to pay my ticket?" "Sure, and the hotel also, of course". "In that case" I answered happily "I will come".
I told my wife the good news. We both have a weak spot for Lebanon. We worked there before we met, or knew each other. We went together again almost 17 years ago when she was pregnant with Didi and our daughter Yara was three!. Still we both have friends there and keep in touch with them by phone and e-mail.
I felt good... feeling this urge to move, traval and debate on a topic I like, 'Erotic writings'.
Funny, that day I began writing the second part of the erotic story "I was laughing in my dream" from the point of view of "the Girl ET" (the main character) to whom I had sent the first part and she liked what I wrote. I contacted her and asked her if she could help me write the second part; she accepted and I told her about my plan. I will send her some questions and - also - some thoughts and short chapters, and she will comment on them .
I know it will not be easy for her because it should be as honest as much as possible. But she seems to like the idea. We already began speaking about ET in the third person.
It will be fun. I am sure!
Also going back To Lebanon!

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