Sunday, August 19, 2007

Art of Living

Very recently I discovered what is a Blog. Rather recently I know how to deal with the Internet.
When I was almost 46 years old in 1983 I had my first car (old second hand Opel two doors!) bought in Cairo before I learned driving.
When I was in my mid-fifties I had learned for the first time to write and to learn how to deal with my computer which I wrote my first important book which gave me some fame!
In my sixty birth day my friends bought for me my first laptop!
Now am afraid of driving, my laptop is broke, lost some friends to death and/or to mutual arrogance and stupidity.
Moving by bicycle, writing in a second hand computer which some times refused to work and having three minor heart attacks... and being seventy and still writing and arguing, provoking and been provoked in important issues but run out from small battles which drain my energy:wants to continue doing so till the time of leaving.
Am trying to be patient and tolerant with people I like. People I do not like I ignore them.
I do not have time for small arguments and petty battles!

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