Saturday, August 4, 2007


Brain Whitaker, Guardian newspaper reporter in Lebanon, wrote a book about "unspoken love"
Love as a subject deserves this meditation; The Middle East does not stop talking about love; There is no word in Arabic for the word like ..

Love is the dominant terminology used. Love food, love the weather and the love of God and love the homeland. All songs are about love. What then is this love that dare not be announced that is written about by the Guardian correspondent that decided to make it public?
The term "Habib" IS masculine which is in most songs.
SO ...The seriousness of this book is because it declares what is known of Love and hidden in the Middle East,
the State represented by the police, overtaking gatherings of homosexuals and detaining them to bring them to trial on charges of "contempt of religion", and sentencing them with the harshest penalties amid applause by the community and the press, because homosexuality is considered a conspiracy of Western imperialism and Zionism.

The publishing house is the Arab "EL SAQI": headquarters in London. The book is subtitled (GAY AND LESBIAN LIFE IN THE MIDDLE EAST).

Homosexuality is a great Taboo!
Why? It affects the backbone of social relations in the Middle East: honour and the views of others according to this attitude.
Impunity in crimes related to the theme of honour are watched by everyone in all Arab societies with enthusiasm and interest. The lighter penalties are given for the killings on defending honour... Sometimes one year in Jordan, a few years in Egypt; Although the "normal" punishment for murder can be up to more than ten years.
Not only does the writer bring examples from Egypt and Lebanon; he provides examples on what happens in Saudi Arabia, Iran, and incidents of brutality by moral police in Iran and how the "Promotion of Virtue" guards in Saudi Arabia concentrate on homosexuals .

The writer mentions the special relationship between Muslim extremists living in the West, and the Christian hardliners in the "common struggle" against sexual relationships that deny interpretations of Islamic fundamentalism, such as "homosexual and abortion."

He gives the example of the statement on "Islam Online" of the opinion given by Sheikh Faisal Mawlawi, Deputy Chairman of the European Council for opinions and research that is in cooperation with non-Muslim issues outlawed by Islamic religion, sharing them with Westerners. Published on "Islam Online" is a fatwa from Sheikh Ahmed Alkotai that gives the possibility of cooperation with hardline Christians to "cleanse" the streets of homosexuals as a religious duty. He said: "We should not hesitate to cooperate with our neighbours who are non-Muslims, to make the streets safe from drugs, alcohol, prostitution and homosexuals. "


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