Saturday, August 18, 2007

Islam for my Son

About four years ago my son Didi who had at that time a Moroccan friend called Housni, said he would like to "make" Ramadan (that was his expression) so me and his mother said "ok why not". After some days we asked him why he is "making" Ramadan and he said "because papa is Moslem" so - again - we had to tell him the truth about 'papa': that he is not Moslem.
He was confused: "Can I continue to makes Ramadan?" and we - of course - said "sure"
We know then we had confused our children because we never brought them to church for the simple reason we are not believers.
We also did not explain to them who we are.
Then it hit me: Yes we are not believers but why our children be like us?! Then I decided to write a simple book about Islam and other religions for my son and for the kids like my children.
At that time I used to know professor Naser Hamed Abouzied, whom I followed his crises in Egypt and went with Dutch TV crew once to make a short "in depth" reportage about him and his wife.
He was living in Layden. I contacted him and explained what I wanted: a book, simple and easy to read on Islam mainly, but also on Judaism and Christianity in certain topics as "not accepting the others" and the punishment code in the three religious.
We worked about 8 months on the book which was called "Islam for my Son" but I had problems with the Dutch translator and the publisher because it was supposed to be published both in Dutch and Arabic. Also some problems with Abuozied who withdrew his previous agreement on the constriction of the book. It stayed two years in my drawer till last year I gave it to the publisher (in Morocco).
Why am writing I this? Because I got involved in this debate about the forbidding of reading the Qur'an in Holland by this silly local politician.
There is also a case in Egypt lately about a Christian who was converted to Islam and wants his children to be Moslems also... but they refused! And now it is a big debate in the media.
This debate shows how both sides cannot accept the idea of "choosing". This choice is related to the relationship between the individual and "his god"... and still every person wants to interfere!
The other mysterious question which is connected to what I wrote is: why do people want to do that?!

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