Friday, August 3, 2007

chez moi & toi

Commenting on Elly's post about my post and on Persephone on Elly's cry about the injustice in her work which she is doing for free... I want to say:
I like and agree completely with what Persephone wrote about quitting silly work and working for yourself. I remember meeting Dutch people at parties in my early days in Holland when they asked me "where do you work or what do you do? and how I shocked them by saying "I work chez moi" or "work? I do not work... My wife supports me"
They left me immediately... I am dangerous
We need to be dangerous and scaring assholes people!

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Persephone said...

Yes, please. Let's scare more assholes. One of the things I hate about my hometown New York is that the first question people ask you when they meet you in "What do you do?" I object to the idea that what I do defines me, because it doesn't. At all.

But then, I am full of shit. I work really, really hard. And I don't like it one bit. Is it too early to retire at 31?