Tuesday, August 28, 2007


...And Mother
When I was introduced to "what possessed me" through Elly I liked the Blog immediately because of its obsessions… and the way its writer presents her self witty and wicked talented lost Realistic orientlists (which she hates to be!)
I like and respect people who have obsessions...And I love them when they admit it : not as a sin but a virtue.
Then she decided to show another side of her obsessions : her thinking about her seventy years old Mum, her way to tell her - in front of every body- how she wants to be like her.
We all grow up trying to ignore our parents ,believing that we had the bad luck to be borne by such people , and how it would be better , that the moment we came to life that they should disappear , and not following us around , causing shame and anger.
Or… we would be tighten tongs in expressing to them face to face our rare nice feelings about them.
But Persephone , alias, Poulakie, decided to break the eternal role between parents and children and announce her NICE FEELINGS to her mother even she is still alive!
Ya Benty you are too good to be true.
i wish i had done the same. But it is too late now


Persephone said...

Shukan gazillan, ya Raouf. I am honored. I am lucky.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Persephone rocks in every which way!:-) Is she just not so smart? and she really makes me laugh.